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Good phones to start hearing good sound but it makes you want to upgrade even more.


Pros: soundstage, instrument separation, bass quality

Cons: ear touches speaker = uncomfortable, bass quantity, back of concert hall

This is my first review so forgive me if I make any mistakes. Everything below will be in my humble opinion. I don't have good amp to drive them either, but most people agree that these cans do not need an amp to drive.   Comfort: Supposedly, audio-technica's AD series is a line of very comfortable headphones that has warm sound. I didn't think they were particularly comfortable because I didn't like how my left ear is touching the driver on the left side of headphones. One possible explanation is I have weird ears, that might be the case but I have not had problems with other headphones before. Another explanation is the phones are old and the pads have been worn down. Anyway,...
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Head-Fi.org › flexium › Reviews by flexium