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A TITAN at a Pauper's Price


Pros: A revealing, authentic and emotive sound response; many useful high quality accessories are also included

Cons: None

I can say with a resounding "yes" that my hunch was right. Being the hard-core objectivist that I am, I frequently use InnerFidelity's datasheets as a gauge to determine whether or not a headphone is worth considering for purchase. A few weeks prior to acquiring the TITAN 1, I did just that. Based upon my observations of its measured performance, I hypothesized that the TITAN 1's actual performance would be legendary. Indeed, I have been far from disappointed in my decision. I can say without uncertainty that the DUNU TITAN 1 is up there with the best of ultra high-end headphones.   For many of...
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Head-Fi.org › Hifihedgehog › Reviews by Hifihedgehog