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This is a surprising headphone....


Pros: Clarity, Bass Extension, Soundstage, Design

Cons: Price, Propriatary Strainrelief Design

I started this review with the intention of pointing out the things I don't like about it, but man, there really isn't much I don't love about these.   Out of the box they sound very thin and anemic, but still good transparency.  I took them off immediately, and put them in the included case, then turned the volume up pretty high for 30 minutes.  When I returned to check on the status of them, I was stunned.  Coming from a pair of UE Triple Fis and some K701s, I knew it was a downgrade, but at the moment up putting them on after the 30 minutes..... I realized I shouldn't have assumed.  In a nutshell, they remind me A LOT of my old silver cabled K701s (after burn...
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Head-Fi.org › eightbitpotion › Reviews by eightbitpotion