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Lightest headphones with the biggest sound


Pros: Can go loud with harsh recording with little or no penalty, Grain-free; Very convinciong sense of space for out-of-head imaging

Cons: Some forwardness on lower mids lowers transperancy; Too polite treble

The MDR-MA900's the current the top model in the latest open-back line-up from Sony. While  the latest  generaraion is definitely not the greatest with a distinctly less "hi-tec" vibe then the previous SAx000 models (as perhaps can inferred from the one-digit-less suffix and the of course a much lower MSRP pricing) the MA900s, in particular as a TOTL model,  comes with an altogether different concept- that of the "Full-Open-Air" design, Originally pioneered in the '90's with the MDR-F1 (by one of the principle desingers responsible for the legendary MDR-R10 by what i read in a certain blog, RESPECT).     How this design is differentiated from a standard...
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Head-Fi.org › Amarphael › Reviews by Amarphael