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Great Sound, looks nice


Pros: great Sound, nice looks

Cons: Feels cheap, only one color option

These Headphone are of a really good audio quality, for some people, they could find the bass weak, for my taste the bass is precise, not like my k271, but the bass is there so the highs accurate, for the price it´s an honest headphone, I paid around  $80 US dollars here in Brazil (price paid in reals R$199,00) . One of the problem of these cams are the low response to volume, they are loud, but they demand too much volume from the source, it can drain the iPhone battery faster.   Overall it´s a nice Sennheiser cam, with a stylish appel and a nice carrying bag, don´t expect too much bass, but nice mid and highs, like all Sennheisers have to have. nest earphone, I paid...
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Head-Fi.org › palinetes › Reviews by palinetes