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Solid Storage - with a catch...


Pros: well cushioned, solid piano hinge, rugged case

Cons: plastic latch for the case fractures easily

This a relatively solid case, well cushioned, good sized and very functional. Given that - I am at a complete loss as to why the closure is so poorly made. I bought 2 of these and within 60 days BOTH case latches developed a lateral crack running along the clasp left to right - in one instance it broke off completely.   I had bought them from Sweetwater and they replaced both of them for free (even sent them 2-day FedEx for free) and one has already cracked again. The cases do not see what I would describe as a "brutal" environment - my work backpack that I use every day and for air travel. Needless to say, if they could ever resolve the breaking closure, I would probably buy a...
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Head-Fi.org › Lifter59 › Reviews by Lifter59