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Redefine the term "Transparency"


Pros: Transparency,vivid ,openness sound never heard before

Cons: Still a headphone

 To a headphone over $1000, how should we ask for?I am stunned by T1's ability about "Transparency", in Harry Pearson's means. All right, Beyerdynamic wins(read:beating my heart) in this generation , maybe Stax C32 could compete against ? This unlimited palpable(yes,you can even touch it!) is not about head-stage, sound-field ,or other terms, just Transparency,this is enough.

A review after years.


Pros: Total clraity tone、ultra transient, froward,focus,but relex present

Cons: Very pickly (about amps), Headband permeant sweat,sensitive about environment humidity

I would make it short.   1.This headphone has strong resonance in 80~100Hz, you would need a very strong amp to overcome the emf, or would got a notable unnatural bump in upper-bass.   2.About the infamous recessed mid- I guess it's a slight,but critical QC fault: Inside  leather bag, the humidity is been lower than normal condition by desiccant,makes the damping coating on the diaphragm lose it's function, just need sometime to got proper work.   3. Compare DT880, what you can got extra from DT990 : Highs with natural brilliance , richness low-mid and bass. not "flat" as DT880, but makes everything more believable and vivid , a step up transparency,and the most important...
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Head-Fi.org › donthuang › Reviews by donthuang