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The Wonderful rHead


Pros: Ultra Linear, High End, No Colour, Transparent, Powerful, Superb Value

Cons: Nothing of note

Arcam rHead Headphone Amplifier   Firstly I would like to thank Rob Follis at Arcam for arranging this. It's always helpful to the community by doing such product tours and I am very much obliged to be a participant.   Construction:    rHead feels like a tank, weighs a metric tonne () and measures a brick in flesh. The touring unit is in black and I personally like the colour. It's certainly a very well made product and you would feel the same when you hold it in your hand. The overall shape is more or less follows the new design trend that Arcam seems to have adopted, could be seen if you look at the new 'Solo' range closely, the same curves at the front and...
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Head-Fi.org › vkvedam › Reviews by vkvedam