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Beautiful design and UI. Excellent highs, mids, separation and soundstage. Bass left more to be desired.


Pros: Excellent sound quality. Almost perfect UI and external design. Good price-to-performance value when compared to competition.

Cons: Bass is weak compare to the mids and highs. May not synergize well with some BA IEMs. Not the cleanest of background.

Disclosure: I have no financial interest with Astell & Kern. This was not a review unit as I purchased it myself.    Introduction:My portable audio journey started when I was a poor medical student with the Nationite s:flo2 and the Leckerton UHA-6S MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier combo feeding my Sennheiser IE80. I think the whole package was around $500 total pieced together over time while I vigorously sought out the best deals I can find. That was a lot of money back then for someone deeply in debt. Now 10 years later, so much has changed. There is something beautiful about being able to take high quality music with you anywhere you go. Back then...
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Head-Fi.org › gordec › Reviews by gordec