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Rich sound!


Pros: Great dynamics, punchy, very good bass, good midrange, smooth highs

Cons: too much energy in high mids !

Amp: Metric Halo ULN-8   compared with my Sennheiser HD800 and Ultrasone ED10 (the re600 really can be compared with some good full size headphones), the RE-600 is not that revealing in the midrange and not that fast, but still rich and punchy with clear midrange.   Stage: HD800 has very good stage reproduction. (yes we all know that) But when you listen to big orchestra (like Mahler, Wagner) you hear an exaggerated instrument separation and a huge (... again exaggerated) room (not a fair comparison but : compared with my studio monitors PSI A21-m)   ED10 is for me the best in this department. But RE-600 is also 3D! Stage is not big, but is there.  ...
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Head-Fi.org › babmusician › Reviews by babmusician