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Addictive, excellent-value IEMs with an incredibly vibrant, paper-y crisp texture to them.


Pros: Detail retrieval, lush/articulate across the spectrum, crisp, extremely clean and fast/dry, great "open" feel with very responsive dynamic range.

Cons: Perceivable peaks and valleys in the treble region, detail retrieval/articulation almost to a fault with some "smooth" genres like classical.

After owning the Vsonic GR07 Classic Edition for about 2 months or so, all I can say is these are absolutely brilliant.   Very articulate, fast/dry sound. These will extract details almost to a fault, to the point where classical music isn't realistically presented for the most part, due to overly in-your-face presentation. They are quite neutral, however have a full low-mid area and a 6.5kHz peak, a build to a 10K peak, then a dip around 12kHz and then another peak above that (se for example  innerfidelity for a detailed FR graph).   For critical listening, they are probably not as spectrally linear as you'd need.   However, they have a mildly scratchy/papery...
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