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These are outstanding headphones and one can reach Hi-End for $300


Pros: After 100 hours of break-in time they rival the big buck 'phones

Cons: Leather ear pads need to be replaced with velour pads available for $10

First off my gear is HeadRoom Micro DAC and Amp.(I don't see how people get by without the crossfeed circuit on older rock recordings) Out of the rather cheap box the high-end was brittle and harsh and the bass boomed. The midrange was just OK. I have a Ayre Acoustics system burn-in disc and after 100 hours of brown, pink, and white noise along with Zappa's G-Spot Tornado from The Yellow Shark these headphones transformed into something wonderful. The highs were tight and accurate, the bass had a lot of power, but was also accurate, and midrange vocals were something to behold. I've always been a Sennheiser/AKG man and had never listened to planars before. For $299 (plus $10 for...
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Head-Fi.org › chrismini › Reviews by chrismini