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A Solid high end entry by Fostex - but not without its problems


Pros: Soundstaging size, instrument seperation, openess, sub bass rumble, comfort

Cons: sharp and somewhat harsh treble, somewhat receeded mid range

Introduction   As this is my first review on headfi I think I'll give a little background information before getting into the review. Before getting the TH600 I had experienced the HE400, HD600, DT880 and D2000 and was ready to make the next step up in the headphone world. I purchased these secondhand for roughly $750 overall, they go for about a grand here in Australia. As far as my sound preferences go, I can find something to like in most headphones I've tried and I've been able to identify their weaknesses for me personally. The TH600 has been with me for 3 weeks of constant listening.   Packaging, build quality, Isolation/leak and comfort   When you get the...
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Head-Fi.org › UNIFi › Reviews by UNIFi