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neutrality product : you ear the reality!!


Pros: neutral , balance, details, soundstage, dynamism

Cons: better extension in highs

this IEM is made in order to restitute exactly  NATURAL SOUNDS !!!! don t expext mega bass , facing mediums ,  or heavy highs presence!   EM32 draws what the record and mix has done and NOTHING ELSE........ so when the record , mix , DAP ? AMP !! is top so you obtain MAGICAL SOUND AND EVEN MORE!!!   the infra are sometimes magnifik,   and so on for mids and highs ,    soundstage has a level of OPENHEADPHONES (hifiman he500..by example.) and circle shaped, sounds are very well placed in this circle space!   it s a pleasure to use this IEM like an audiophile or musician on stage   cons: extension in highs could be better ( for me a...
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Head-Fi.org › isibn95 › Reviews by isibn95