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Great headphones but best to change the foam covers


Pros: Sound quality, balanced natural bass ( not overblown ), engaging mid-range

Cons: Original foam cushion is uncomfortable

This is for original SR225, not SR225i I have owned both the improved and original versions. In my view the SR225 is better sounding than the so called Improved version, despite marketing claim about increased airflow by 50%, I smell marketing BS The reason these headphones have a good reputation is due to the original design. I sold my 225i on, as I could not hear any audio improvement and they are not built as well, seems to be a common thing these day, ie: maximum profit margin. If you want to see what I mean about marketing BS, then it's here on these pages, statements about improved sound-stage in the i version is just nonsense. Firstly, you cannot create a soundstage with...
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Head-Fi.org › wilderturkey › Reviews by wilderturkey