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Pros: Clarity, detail, forward mids, build quality, mono switch (great for using with mixers)

Cons: Highs are a little thin/hollow , stock pads are bad

Bass: Definitely not an "extreme bass" headphone like the box says. There is a very slight bass tilt. Very tight bass. Very well extended with m50 pads. Mids: Pretty forward overall. Amazing with vocals. Amazingly smooth mids. Highs: Has a little bit of treble roll off. Sounds a little thin The overall clarity and detail is great. These really work better with an amp. Overall clarity, soundstage, and neutrality improves. Effects of Ath m50 pad: Comfort Bass extension Tames mids a little (still has forward mids) Adds a little more depth and a lot of width to soundstage (still nowhere near open headphones of course  )
Head-Fi.org › zunehdrocks › Reviews by zunehdrocks