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Great sound


Pros: Great sound, specially the bass, and it can be used with mobile phones and still get a great sound

Cons: After some hours it can turn to be uncomfortable, the earpads are a bit too small for over-ear headphones . Non-detachable cable

After reading lots of reviews I decided to buy this headphones. Everyone said they had a great sound quality, and they were right. I have tried some high quality headphones such as Bose Quietcomfort 15, and Audiio-Technica's sound quality is better. I'm a bass-guitar player and due to that I really want headphones with a good bass quality, but still with a good quality in the rest of the spectre. In that this headphones work perfectly. For thier value this are between the best headphones avlaible. Also they have a good passive noise blocking. You can "feel" some one is speaking, so you can pay attention to it or simply ignore it and keep listening to music   When it comes to the...
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Head-Fi.org › inkms › Reviews by inkms