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Fantastic litle speaker!


Pros: Very small, nice high gloss black finish, detailed sound with good punch in the mid-base.

Cons: Maybe a bit expensive? Atleast in Sweden. If you are going to use them on your desk, buy the stand/feet thats fit them!

I'm not very good at English so i make it short. Fantastic lite speaker! Nice warm detailed sound, good punch in the mid-base. You can play LOUD! I would recommend you to buy the micro sub SubSeries 100 too. It looks tiny and you may wonder: Can this thing even play bass? OH YES it can! That lite 5" sub thinks it is a 10" woofer, it goes deep and punch hard! Playing a song like Judas Priest - Painkiller is almost to fun!
Head-Fi.org › djclabbe › Reviews by djclabbe