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Epic Bass a real basshead can!


Pros: Clean Amped Bass, Clear mids, Crisp Highs, No sibliance, dedicated subwoofer driver, velour earpads, inline levels control,

Cons: USB powered, 4 3.5 mini plugs to navigate, must have 5.1 audio, not mobile at all.

These are my everyday gaming and music cans for like 10 years now through two sets of them. The bass response is unparalleled with USB powered built-in amplification and a dedicated 40 mm subwoofer driver. I imagine to get the same bass you would have to buy another can with a dedicated bass driver, and some do exist from different makers, but no one did it as clean as the razer barracuda. The current offering from Razer Tiamat  7.1 didn't have the bass at all.  Velour earpads, leather sprung one size fits all, I find them to be almost seamless in terms of comfort. All Metal and aluminum construction. Lights on the earcups, but i dont' use those they are optional....
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Head-Fi.org › indopler › Reviews by indopler