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Great IEMs, scale up well, and maintain balance


Pros: Balance, imaging, speed from top to bottom, mids

Cons: High roll-off, no air in the bass

First of all, I don't think we should be comparing these to anything else but in ear monitors (IEMs), and generally in the price range.  However, my only experience is with Sure SE 110s that I used for over 5 years.  Those were about $99, and I got the 425s for about $270.  I've now had them for about four months, and have gone through the slightly disappointed stage which seems to occur for a lot of people with a lot of headphones.  No matter how much you read before purchasing, it still takes time for your brain to get used to a new sound signature.  These really blow away the 110s in every way.  They have energy, speed, focus and simply amazing imaging. ...
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Head-Fi.org › jdpark › Reviews by jdpark