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Not an audiophile; personally cannot complain (Alpha PS1 main speakers alone). Even better with enhancement of SubSeires 100 (or any sub)


Pros: Nice quality sound (all except deep bass, Punchy mid-bass, Nice aesthetics and size as computer speakers, Nice warranty time & after-sale services

Cons: Expensive for computer speakers (2.0), even more expensive 2.1, woofer exposed -- prone to damage, USB port for charging purposes only (0.5A),

Outstanding pair of computer speakers. The mid-bass punchiness is much better than I imagined. However, the two main speakers are not capable of handling deep bass-- this is where the sub-woofer would come in handy -- it'd perfect this speaker set by compensating for its only weakness - deep punchy bass.     The speakers look very good.......well designed.   Tried Aktimate Mini+ just before this pair of speakers + subseries 100.   With the subwoofer, this whole set is around the same price as Aktimate Mini+.  Sound-quality-wise, the clarity is very comparable with Aktimate Mini+.    With the help of the subwoofer, it simply exceeds the range that...
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Head-Fi.org › Skwalker › Reviews by Skwalker