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They're not bass bloated as the name would suggest, but a very good pair of IEMs


Pros: Sound, looks, metal build, value

Cons: A bit chunky in the ear

At $30 that I paid for them, these IEMs are unbeatable. You would have to spend much more to get better sound. I prefer these than the Klipsch S4 it replaced, which had harsh high's and muddy low's in comparison and they broke without being abused. So what's so go good about the V-Moda Bass Freq Metal earphones? A lot!   Sound quality is superb, with good overall frequency response and clarity; they're fine to me without any EQ. Good and detailed mid's to high's, and the bass is fairly accurate. Furthermore, the sound is not fatiguing at all.   The build quality seems good with metal casings. I also like the design aesthetics of the earphones although they can...
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Head-Fi.org › ronnbot › Reviews by ronnbot