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The best universal IEM I have ever heard


Pros: Transparent + detailed across the frequency spectrum and breath taking mids

Cons: Stock tips do not do justice to this amazing universal IEM

There's not much that haven't been said about this amazing universal IEM so I'll try not to repeat. I bought the TG334 at Fujiya Avic...thanks to AnakChan for his strong recommendation and for going out of his way to bring me there. Out of the box, the TG334 sounds bass enhanced with the stock tips but after experimenting with some tip rolling, I've discovered that the best tips to showcase the quality of the TG334 is the JVC Spiral Dot tips. The Spiral Dot tips actually lift the veil many complained about the TG334. On top of that. the Spiral Dot tips also cut some mid-bass bloat that's very prominent with the stock tips. Now I'm truly enjoying the sound of a very neutral and transparent...
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Head-Fi.org › Francisk › Reviews by Francisk