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Great headphone, especially for the price


Pros: Sound clearity, Isolation, Detachable cable, Lightweight

Cons: No velour pads in the box

I've been using this can for a week now, and I can tell I'm really happy with it. I wanted to buy another model (Superlux HD-681 EVO) but it was unavailable in any retail shop in my country. I'd prefer a semi-open build, because isolation could be a problem after prolonged use for me, but in the other hand it's great because you can listen music fairly high volumes without any sound leakage. As I use it in an open office environment, I have to admit it was a good choice to go with a closed back design.  The sound clearity is great, the sound is fairly flat, hights are crispy, and the bass is deep enough to observe all the lows even in ...
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Head-Fi.org › atatek › Reviews by atatek