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Reviews by: Ketmeister

One of the most musical cans I've ever heard. Expressive.


Pros: Musicality. Seductive sound. Enjoyable to use. Well made. Portable. Value.

Cons: Comfort for long sessions.

Not the best spec wise but so much fun to use. Musically expressive with an emphasis in the midbands. Everything about this can is endearing. I find the 591's sound addictive and seductive.    A stand out product. 

Destined to be a classic.


Pros: Bass balance. Detailed, punchy sound. Solid design and performer. Cool vintage look. Made in the USA.

Cons: Requires a good HP amp to drive properly. Recessed midrange. Ear pads a little uncomfortable. Longevity of ear pads.

Audiophile classic.
Head-Fi.org › Ketmeister › Reviews by Ketmeister