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Reviews by: Za Warudo

Impressive portable headphones, contender for best in its class


Pros: Excellent tonality, exceptional build quality, handsome looks

Cons: heavy for a portable headphone, not the last word in comfort, non-user-removable pads

My review is based on the loaner pair that Oppo sent to me as part of their PM3 loaner program.  My gratitude to Oppo for giving me this opportunity to demo their product.   Oppo is known for their high end DVD and Blu-Ray players.  The Oppo PM3 is the third headphone to date, all of them using planar magnetic drivers.  The PM3 is the first modern planar magnetic headphone that’s truly portable.   Packaging, Accessories:   The PM3 comes with 2 cables – a 3m cable for home use and a shorter 1.2m cable for portable use (with option for android or apple inline remote).  It also comes with a nice denim covered hard case.   Build Quality:  ...
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Head-Fi.org › Za Warudo › Reviews by Za Warudo