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Great budget portable music player


Pros: Very portable, great UI and battery life, warm sounding (subjective)

Cons: Display is hard to read under sunlight

Fiio X3 2nd generation preview     Disclaimer: before jumping into the device itself, I have to talk a little bit about myself. I am still an amateur on the subject of sound quality, but I’ll try my best to describe my experience. And this device is from a preview tour. Hence the model named X3K as it is the early name. For other users, it will be “X3” on the box instead of “X3K” Upon removing the package from the box, it feels very well packaged.       While holding the device on my hand, it has the solid feel. Compare to the X1, it is a bit heavier, which is 29g heavier with the aluminum body instead of plastic. The best thing about being all...
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Head-Fi.org › m1ku › Reviews by m1ku