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Good for the price..


Pros: midrange, clarity, balanced sound

Cons: treble extension, no chin slider

Thanks to Jack and HSA for sending me the BA100 as a review unit for a hefty 50% off. It is a single balanced armature IEM with a retail price of $99. For a sub-$100 IEM, I would say that it definitely has a lot of potential with a few shortcomings.   Design and Accessories : The first time I took them out of the packaging, I was quite pleased to see the metallic construction and the 45° jack. The wire is descent and has been rather tangle-free. The included tips are nice, I was using the foam tips that came with the BA100 for some time. Finally I switched to the MEElec double-flange tips which are very comfortable and also sound nice with the BA100. The included fish-thingy has...
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Head-Fi.org › pat1984 › Reviews by pat1984