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Beautiful babyface: transparent pro audio interface


Pros: Great transparent sound, ideal for desktop.

Cons: Low headphone output

  Hello Head-fi, this is my first review. I saw the RME Babyface product listing in the sidebar with 'no review' under it. Since I highly appreciate it I thought I'd write a review. Please bare with my grammar and typo's as I am not a native English speaker.   A babyfaced German tank   The babyface is a small streamlined USB soundcard with a big 'multi' jog wheel knob thingy. It's not only pretty and with a great form factor for desktop usage however with the breakout cable it delivers a nice set of pre amps and line outs capable of powering any listening, media or bedroom and project and home studios.   Since we are on Head-fi I won't go in depth about...
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Head-Fi.org › durkk › Reviews by durkk