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They were good and comfortable but just not for me


Pros: comfortable and great sound quality for the price

Cons: Almost non existant bass for my taste , Thin cable , and built with plastic

I bought these on Amazon for around $27 when I bought them and I liked the overall sound quality for the price except for the bass which was underwhelming considering it said punchy bass ( I have better earphones for when I want the better highs and mids and wanted a good pair of bass heavy headphones ).  These are closed and around ear and isolate outside decently from when I used them so no complaints there. These are also one of the most comfortable pair of headphones that I have used ( I have bought the Soul SL150 for $60 and had to return those because they just hurt my head to much)  The only other issues I have with these headphones is the cable is very thin and that it...
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Head-Fi.org › Closingracer › Reviews by Closingracer