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Reviews by: Chiek

Beautiful warm sound. Great for folk rock genre


Pros: Well balanced bass and treble. Good strong cable

Headphones got to be reviewed in relation to the genre of music. These pair of budget headphones is impressive with pop folk rock. Try them with Matt Wertz 'Bring it on Back'. Sweet!    I like these pair of earphones more than the higher priced Supra Nitro. 

Commendable for first outing from a new kid on the block


Pros: Sweet bass and surround effect, sturdy design, remote control

Cons: Need equaliser to adjust for treble lovers,

Excellent for bass and subwoofer lovers. A little too  opaque for lovers of transparent sounding headphones. Booming, warm and reverberations but not overpowering to muffle the lyrics. By using a DAC and head amp, I adjusted the equalizer to give me a really pleasing effect with indie rock songs like 'Bring it on back' by Matt Wertz, 'Sweet Sophia' by Stephen Kellogg'  and 'When we were young' by WAZ, 'Colleen' by Griffin House and A--B by Matt Hires. Warm, balanced and competent handling without making the songs too bright and clanging like some transparent headphones. Warm fuzzy feeling.    In terms of price range and sound profile that leans towards the bass, ...
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Are there any Shure headhones that don't sound good?


Pros: Outstanding audio quality for acoustic music, base just right, secure fitting to ear, sturdy detachable cable

Cons: No remote control device

I am a big Shure fan given my sweet  experience  with SRH940 and SRH1840 for indoor use. Being an avid mountain biker conscientious of safety (hence a helmet is obligatory), I need a pair of good IEH to pipe in pleasing music that stay secure while I navigate those bumpy trails in the forest. I am ecstatic to say that Shure fails me not yet again with their affordable and simply put, outstanding SE215.    Rather than using technical audiophile jargon (which I am poor at and probably mislead with malapropism) to describe the pleasing sound of SE215, I will tell you that folk, indie rock, gospel, pop ranging from Pat McGee Band, Howie Day, Griffin House, Matt Hires,...
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Thank you Sennheiser for making high quality audio enjoyment so affordable


Pros: Superb quality with a pleasing base complementing the sweet treble. Nice square carrying pouch. Remote volume control.

Cons: Ear pieces don't fit well (too lazy to try the different plugs)

The base stands out immediately. Not overpowering but complementary to the treble to produce an immensely warm and full bodied feeling. I test drove this pair of gems on Travis┬┤ Side. The music resonated and enveloped me and led me into a drunken state of bliss. I praise Sennheiser for making great headphones for people of all budget profiles. This is a highly affordable pair of headphones that produce fantastic music for the masses. Because it has a remote control for volume, I rate this pair slightly higher than my highly rated Philips IE Fidelio S2 but below my current champ, the stylish and competent SE215. The Philips have a more subtler base but are nevertheless equally loved by...
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Srong, warm, rich and exciting sound. Pefect for mountain biking.


Pros: The exquisite sound first and foremost, sturdy and stylish design, five pairs of rubber fits, price. Great when biking with my helmut on.

Cons: Remote control has no volume adjustment capability

Philips products are world renowned for quality and good pricing.Sure enough I was not disappointed. Worth every dollar of the US $150 I paid for. I would pay more for this beautiful piece of audio engineering that will be my perfect companions when I go mountain biking in the forest. The ear pieces that came ready for use sit well in my ears and should stay on while I ride those bumpy trails in the forest. I listen mostly to folk rock and acoustic music. I test listened my new friend to Gabe Dixon's 'Even the Rain' on my Ipod touch. At half the volume setting, the song played sweet and strong and punchy with well balanced treble and base that gave me an extremely warm full-bodied...
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A cyclist's best companion.


Pros: design for snug fit in ear canal, excellent audio qualities, superb isolation

Cons: No remote control

Love them. First and foremost, the audio is excellent for acoustic music. Secondly, the isolation is superb. Who needs noise canceling when you have these?. 3rdly, the are perfect for me when I am cycling with my helmut on. Training on bicycle has never been more fun since I found you.

Super comfortable with excellent audio qualities


Pros: Super comfortable, design, excellent for acoustic music. Appropriate bass for rcck music

Cons: wire has a mic for remote control use in ipods and iphones. However it doesn´t have volume control.

For music on the go. This are my favourites for the moment. I rate it even higher than the Sennheiser Momentum because the cans are much more comfortable.   In terms of Bass qualities,I prefer them to my AKG 551 which I rated very highly also.    So my favourte portable headphones are as follows:   1. Sony MDR 1A 2. Sennheiser momentum 3. AKG 551 4. House of Marley EM-FH003-HA Exodus  5. Harmon Kardon Soho white

Life in Technicolour


Pros: Portability + magnificent sound

Cons: cups are too small for people with big ear flaps

This pair of beauty have unseated my AKG 551 as a my favourite portable headphones to go with my ipod touch while I enjoy my spotify playlists.     Coldplay┬┤s "Life in Technicolour" is an excellent track to test drive headphones. After a good listening of my other headphones, Momentum brings out the colour in the song more vividly and brightly. 

Comfortable indoor reference headphone


Pros: Comfort, wide spacious sound stage

Love this pair of headphones. Huge sound stage. Great for classical music. The bass is not shabby and is good enough to enjoy Coldplays Viva la Vida.   Of course comprable amplifiers are necessry accompaniment for the DT800Pro to perform optimally.      My wires are starting to be faulty from wear and tear after 2 years and not from heavy useage.  
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