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Favourite outdoor HP next to AKG 551


Pros: Fantastic full bodied detailed sound. Beautiful design and tan colour for men. Paddings are comfortable even after two hours of clamping.

Cons: Can't think of anything yet

Beethoven's concerti no. 4 and 5 brilliance to my ear drums compelled me to purchase this without hesitation.    Parts of the proceeds go to charity makes me want to buy another Bob Marley environmentally people loving head phones. soon. 

Loved it until.....


Pros: Audio is precise, full bodied, richly resonating and so natural and neutral, comfort

Cons: RIght hinge broke after use of 2 weeks......clumsy design... built not sturdy, hinges are too plastic

For expensive headphones such as this, my litmus test is one of Beethoven's 9th symphony. For this pair of babies, it was  London Symphony Orchestra – Symphony No. 1 In C Major, Op. 21: II. Andante Cantabile Con Moto.  And this took me to Beethoven nirvana!  Now I am saving for Shure's SRH1840.   Unfortunately the right hinge broke suddenly without rhyme or reason after only 2 weeks of ownership. With other owners complaining about the same thing. It must be a manufacturing's fault. I am disappointed because other wise I would have given it 5 stars for the sound quality.

Perfect for acoustic folk songs and other genres probably


Pros: Rich, warm, detailed and balanced audio, super comfortable to the ears,

Cons: Needs amp.

Superb sounding to the likes of Howie Day and Matt Nathanson. They sound perfect. Thanks to this pair of sweet babies and Spotify of course. Been a premium member for two years now. Life without a good pair of headphones and Spotify will be so unbearable now.    For classical music for example, Sarah Walker – Symphony No. 9 in D minor 'Choral' Op. 125: I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso,  what may sound harsh to the ears with a pair of Soul Ludacris 150 (which I have a pair), is transformed into sweet symphonic magic with the Bere 880. Treble is detailed, smooth as silk and classy. 

Favourite headphones for outdoor use , great ear muffs for the cold winters of Norway


Pros: Audio quality, comfort, short cable for outdoors, sound control on cable, powerful enough for iphone and ipods, no excessive bass

Cons: If you don't like the Princess Leia look also not suitable for cycling because of safety helmets issue

Built for outdoor use like jogging and walking because of the shortness of the cable and the remote volume control. I enjoyed listening to classical music, folk, rock music with it. Sounds were rich and well balanced, highly differentiated but with  no overpowering bass.   The head phones do justice to Noah and the Whale's music for their complex string orchestra and rock music mix.   Great jogging companion. Some dispute that the grip is too loose and falls off from jogging movements. Mine stayed well on my head and were extremely comfortable. I guess we all have different head sizes and shapes. To see if these headphones fit your jogging lifestyle, the only way to...
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Rich, full bodied and great for out doors


Pros: Audio quality, looks, and great for outdoors. Don't need an amplifier

Cons: Sliding volume control on the cable. Easy to over adjust and blast your ears. Prefer pinch type of control.

Great sound isolation and exclusion of noise. One must thus be extra watchful for traffic or any approaching menace when one is enjoying the great sound out doors. I took a 6 km lunch walk today and enjoyed the beautiful music of The Walflowers, John Mayer, Jackson Brown, Pretenders and a duet between Neil Diamond and Babara Steisand with this uptown Philips. I am convinced these headphones are great with the pop and rock genre in great outdoors. However when it comes to classical music, it was ok. I have other headphones for that indoors and requiring an amp.

Glorious Symphony No. 5 in C minor by Beethoven and Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky etc.


Pros: Audio is superb - Excellent differentiation of details, wide expansive glorius concert hall classical music; extremely comfortable.

Cons: Need headphone amplifiers to enjoy bass for rock music

I have the 600 ohm model. So a headphone amplifier is obligatory especially if you are hard of hearing from too much loud music. I reserve this for classical music and home use. Just pure indulgence to the ears for pure magnificent and expansive concert hall experience. Perfect companion to classical music.    Try it with Mikhail Pletnev – Swan Lake, Op. 20: Act II By a Lake: No. 13. Dances of the swans: VI. Tempo di valse or Mikhail Pletnev – Swan Lake, Op. 20: Act II By a Lake: No. 13. Dances of the swans: V. Andante - Allegro because the audio experience is simply magnificent.  

Perfect for acoustic songs of John Mayer


Pros: Detailed, clear differentiation of classy acoustic music like those of John Meyer, no overpowering bass to mask the details, cable is removable.

Cons: Need an amplifier to power up the headphones. Ipod or iphone is too weak for them.

If you love acoustic unplugged smooth jazz, blues rock and classical music, go with this beauty from Philips. Fidelio X1 is perfect. So comfortable to wear. When I hear John Mayer strumming his guitars, I get goose pimples over and over again.   The cable is unusually long. However, the cable is detachable and a shorter cable be used. This makes it convenient for outdoor use.

Rich and exuberant, great with classical music and christian rock


Pros: So well balanced. No overpowering bass. So real and so natural is the sound. Pads are so comfortable. Stylish look

Cons: None I can think of.

I am a headphones aficionado and I enjoy collecting good headphones Just got this pair of incredible headphones today after biking for more than 10 km. Was going to buy another make but when I set my eyes on this one and it's the only one in the store, I seized it because I read such good reviews it has. I put them on immediately and rode home on my bike. It was probably the most enjoyable 10km bike ride I ever had with John Mayer crooning away while I push those pedals.   I am enjoying Beethoven sonatas just as I am writing this now. Music is so rich and exuberant that it is giving me immense enjoyment and happiness.
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