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Best bargain high quality sounding cans - if you can find a pair


Pros: Miniscule price. Comfort and crazy good sound after diy modifications.

Cons: Very long 4m cord. Needs some modification to get the best from them, but quite easily done.

Hi all, I have always had a pair of headphones of sorts...during high school in the very early eighties, my mom bought me a small stereo radio casette player and since I was at boarding school, you are never alone and good set of cans seemed to be the way to go. So for my next BD, I begged and put up my best smile at the same time and my poor mom gave in once more - I got myself a 'nice' pair of Kenwood KH-33. The shop also had the higher end model KH-55, but this one was about double the price of the KH-33. I retrospect, I think my mom actually used reverse psychology to get me to purchase the HP, so she could have some peace and quiet when I was home for the holidays. Well, I certainly...
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Head-Fi.org › Waldman Jordaan › Reviews by Waldman Jordaan