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An extremely versitle transformer coupled tube amp.


Pros: Can drive a wide range of headphones low and high impedance cans and even IEMS (lack of noise) Excellent build quality Looks Tube Rolling

Cons: Price but you get what you pay for. Rectifier upgrade is a must to get absolute best performance which adds to the initial cost.

The Woo Audio 6 is a transformer coupled tube amp that is extremely versatile and can pretty much drive pretty much anything you throw at it. It has a quiet enough background to drive IEMS and low impedance cans with no to minimal noise and high impedance cans such as the ones from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. It also does quite well with orthos allthough power may be lacking as it only outputs a maximum of 500mw with the stock 6de7 drive tubes. You should be fine however driving stuff like the Lcd-2 just dont bother trying it with a he-6. Warm sound though not as lush as the wa3 which is an OTL design. Built like a tank very high quality and you can see why Wooaudio has built such a good...
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Head-Fi.org › xevman › Reviews by xevman