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One of the best sound/price ratio in the headphone market


Pros: Neutral, energetic, bass texture, detailed mids and highs, promise of moddability, end-game for low price, genre master

Cons: stock cable noise and pads

This is going to be my first review, so note that I'm not exceptionally experienced. However, I know exactly what sound I like, and I'm a musician, and I have very high standards. Setup Vox Audio Player 16/44.1 > Schiit Modi > Schiit Magni > HE-500 Introduction (you can skip this if you want) I spent quite a lot of time researching this headphone, as well as a bunch of others, because I was looking to find a can that would end my headphone search. I was looking for end-game audiophile quality on a budget and I definitely found it. Let's just say that even though I found this can, I'm not done getting more of em, simply due to the fact that I'm stricken with upgraditis,...
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Head-Fi.org › Pirakaphile › Reviews by Pirakaphile