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Nice headphone Indeed


Pros: Lightweight, Durable Build Material, Smooth Bass (as in the taglines), Nice Comfort, Crisp Sound

Cons: Unnecessarily long cable, Not Enough Clamping Force (for me), Sound-staging Not as Much as Expected.

This is my first circumaural over-the-ear headphone. I've own it for almost a year by now, and I am pretty much delighted with the sound quality, pretty reasonable with the price ($80). I love this headphone.   Build Quality and Comfort This headphone made with a polycarbonate material like, it is unexpectedly durable. I don't have any issue with any clacking part when I am moving around or shaking my head, it is very well made. This headphone even-tough big, it is lightweight. No issue with longer listening time.   This headphone comes with a leather-like material, well padded. It's kinda shallow in my ears so the drivers would touch the ears, not really comfort for...
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Head-Fi.org › samu › Reviews by samu