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One step beyond!


Pros: balanced rich full detail and tonal weight, clarity in imaging,remarkably efficient with portable sources,exciting and very musical

Cons: cord thickness, physical weight takes some getting used to

First off I want to thank Todd at TTVJ and Grado Labs for giving me the opportunity take part in this amazing loaner and review program.   While I have always had a natural curiosity about the higher end Grado headphone line I never really felt any sense of urgency to upgrade due to the fact I've always remained more than contented with my SR80i's, to the extent that i have often caught myself wondering 'come on,how much better can a headphone sound than this?!'  And as naive as that might sound I really felt it was a valid question at the time . After all I have spent more cash on other headphones (i.e. the Sennheiser Amperior, V-Moda M80,and Beyerdynamic DT770) and while...
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Head-Fi.org › xylin6 › Reviews by xylin6