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Surprisngly A Very Good Sounding Headphone for Price to Performance Value!


Pros: Comfortable,Affordable,Portable,Very Good Sound for the price.

Cons: Headband could extend larger,included cable terminates in a 2.5mm plug which may be difficult to replace if needed

I like these headphones and I mean,I like them a LOT.specifically i love the bass response which is rich and powerful and has a fair amount of extension into the sub 50Hz regions. Granted it's not the most detailed or punchy bass I've ever heard, but it is engaging and fun and to my surprise I find I like these even more than my V-Moda M-80 when it comes to Hip Hop,Breakbeat,Downtempo,IDM and for the most part any Electronic music I listen to.   I also really enjoy listening to Classic Rock and Heavy Metal with these as the little bit of roll off they have in the higher frequencies tends to be very forgiving when it comes to recordings which on other headphones are too bright...
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Head-Fi.org › xylin6 › Reviews by xylin6