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Reviews by: Shiikamaru

Worthy challenger.


Pros: Bang for buck

Cons: Not the cleanest design ever. UI not yet fully intuitive like a Ipod.

Packaging and bundled miscellaneous   * The X5  * X5's silicone case * The box the X5 came in and the card stand inside * X5 quick start guide * bundled USB cable * bundled USB card reader * 3.5mm to RCA coaxial digital adapter cable * warranty card * 3 3.5mm port cover plugs * 2 extra LCD screen protector films * X5 button layout cue sheet * HDTracks coupon   Fiio is outdoing the rest of the competition in this aspect. I have never seen any other companies provide that much that there really isn’t any accessories you need to get for it. Earphone jack cover for all holes. 1 pre applied screen protector and 2 spares and rubber case for it. It has got you covered for...
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Head-Fi.org › Shiikamaru › Reviews by Shiikamaru