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Excellent warm, bass leaning, value headphones ::KICKER PHENOM::


Pros: Good mid AND sub bass, sparkle to the high's, warm clear mid's.

Cons: No mic or controls, ZERO accessories

NOTE: THIS MAY ALSO BE REFERRED TO AS THE KICKER PHENOM.  THE PART NUMBER SHOWN FOR THE KICKER PHENOM PHONES I HAVE IS EB92S   As I contemplated giving these a go, I became aware that there was one thing that I wasn't too thrilled about.  No mic or controls.  I am a person constantly on the go, so most of my listening doesn't get done off of my Fiio amp, but just straight off my iPhone.  Many of the great headphones do not have a mic or controls, so I have adapted and realized that this deficiency isn't the biggest of deals, really.  In addition, I purchased a pebble watch, and with that, I get full control of the music.  I've found that even with...
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Head-Fi.org › MadMusicJunkie › Reviews by MadMusicJunkie