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Pure Audio Nirvana


Pros: Beautiful design, amazing clarity, 3D sound, plenty of bass when you need it, and not a hint of sibilance. I can listen to these forever.

Cons: With a Wizard design and the cost of impressions, you're looking at over $2000. Expensive, but worth every penny.

Overview:   The Kaiser 10, or K10, is a 10-balanced armature driver CIEM from Noble Audio.  The K10 is an evolution of an earlier 8-driver design, this time focused on a more natural sound signature rather than focusing on bass.  To this point, the K10 succeeds it its goal.  No one portion of the sound spectrum is overly emphasized or unnaturally enhanced.  Each part of the spectrum is present and doesn't interfere with the other portions.  The bass does not bleed into the mids, and the mids don't bleed into the highs.  The result is a very natural and highly addicting sound signature that keeps you coming back for more.    ...
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Head-Fi.org › sq3rjick › Reviews by sq3rjick