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Fantastic bass emphasised IEM, an improvement over it's popular predecessor.


Pros: Great bass reponse and isolation, fatiguing sound, robust build quality, detachable cable.

Cons: Bass is a bit overwhelming at times, difficult to get used to fit, rolled off treble not for everyone.

As I'm looking to move up in the world of IEMs, I'm taking a look back at one of my first big steps in audio.    Having burned through multiple pairs of Skullcandys and Sennheiser CX300-500s and having got a taste for high end audio from my first full sized cans, I set out to get a pair of IEMs with durability as priority number one while also sounding great.   The SE215LTDs absolutely deliver on both fronts. Built like tanks, these things have survived serious beatings and have been used for running and have been slept on.  The inclusion of a detachable cable in their design means that to truly break them you'd have to break the earpieces...
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Head-Fi.org › NShinryu › Reviews by NShinryu