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Pros: Fully balanced DAC/Amp, Numerous control features and output options

Cons: No audio input

Almost the only DAC/Amp I need to drive all of my headphones and IEMs, as a portable solution or on my desk.

A nice pair of headphones between HD650 and HD800

I spent a few months to find a good upgrade from the HD598. I had tried HE-500, LCD2.2, and Grado GS1000. I had never wanted to try a HD700 after having read the criticism about the sound and the bad measurements.  Between those I chose the LCD2, but because a friend's suggestion I got a HD700 from amazon. I just wanted to make sure LCD2 is the best choose on $1000 range headphones but from the first minute I tried the HD700 I found that it’s not as bad as some of the reviews.    After burn-in the headphone for around 40 hours I spent whole a weekend to compare HD700 to LCD2, to me they had a same sound quality with different sound signature, for some genres I...
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Fairly well in its category

The AF56's are capable of producing a tight, punchy and defined bass with fairly smooth and crisp highs. The overall performance of these headphones with 13mm dynamic drivers could make you impressed, especially at this price point (~$70). 

One of the best IEMs


Pros: Clear and detailed sound, deep bass, lifetime warranty, great accessories

Cons: A bit too much bass, build quality control

The MTPC produces a balanced, detailed, and neutral (a slight warm) with bass-boost sound-signature. One of the best in-ear headphones I've ever heard but for bassheads.  
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