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Meh. Over-rated.


Pros: Great sound quality for the on-ear sort of headphones

Cons: not good for public use

Interesting headphones.    As I first opened the box I was thinking that there may have been a mistake because they looked like they had come from a 99cent store. The plastic material on them is somewhat similar to what you see on cheap toys - believe me, I'm not being dramatic.  The build on them is really good tho; they are light-weight and not flimsy at all. I did not like the ear pads at all. One reason is simply because the foam makes them look cheaper then they already seem. Another reason is that the foam pads look thick from a side view but that's just designed to hide the plastic casing. So your ears don't really sink into the padding as you might imagine. I...
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Good headphones!


Pros: Lightweight, loud & clear, good bass response (high bass & low bass)

Cons: headband is not padded.

Jazz sounds real good on these. Classic music sounds pretty clear, like when the violin is playing and stuff. Vocals sound pretty good. 80's sound vibrant. dubstep/hardstyle, sounds pretty strong and BASS'ee   ...now that i think of it, rock... hard metal and screamo....without any equalizer adjustments on your media player, the sound wont be that great, but if you can somehow equalize the mids to about +1 and the lows to -1 they should be good. Thats just my opinion.
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