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Great headphones.....


Pros: overall nice headphones, with proper bass and sound

overall nice headphones, with proper bass and sound and i am still burning it, rest of things i will discuss after complete burning process

its an awsome fun headphone whith open back i just loved it for the price


Pros: great sound, very comfortable, open back

Cons: looks cheap quality..

i have got these headphones 2 days back 5-6-14. at the first look and impression of these headphones i thought they will sound like tiny treble producing headphones, i was not impressed by the look actually, but when i put these headphones on.... with my cowon d2+, i feel like wow.... it has balanced bass which i had not expected at all. sound was not congested every beat was there but yeah felt lil lack of sound-stage.. but for the price point these are amazing.....i got it at good price around 37 usd (rs.2200 inr). for me its bang for the buck...

great sound


Pros: small dynamite , very powerfull player, great sound quality

Cons: user interface is crap

its an awsome player with great sound only drawback is that it has a crap ui. thats a con but ya if u do care for good sound with expandable memory its a great player.love it..........

amazing vocals ultimate, good for jogging and home listening


Pros: amazing vocals ultimate, goods highs and mids

Cons: lacks bass, sound leaks

i had these headphones from last 8 months and i am enjoying it a lot for listening classical, jazz.these headphones offer proper imaging to the vocals of the artist and music it fairly do justice with music also but lacks bass.and if you are in the crowded place you will hear all the outer noise. you need to listen them in silent places, these are good for jogging , running because these are light weight and fix to the ears properly and gives the sound what you really expect from a good headphone. i am having two pairs of these headphones and  i love it........

the sound is good but they time to burn in...to give its full potential


Pros: great sound, very comfortable..

Cons: they sound low on low end devices....

i am giving this review after a month use, 30+ hours burning its still improving. at the first use found these a crap they were sounding low on my phone they are not that impact that i was looking for.i started burning it daily for two hour or one then the magic started and i found a great change in sound and its still improving day by day its real potential will be review after its complete burning  over 100 to 150  hours, but ya the sound-stage is getting wider the bass is tightend-up,but ya these are not for bass heads as it has low bass what i felt as compared to may hd 203, but wider sound stage good clarity compared to those i am still waiting to test it on some good amps...
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looks are awsome sound is good


Pros: small size beautiful design

Cons: low power output bass distorts

the looks of the jbl creature is just so beautiful... these have tiny satellite  speakers with good sound not very good it sounds ok like.... the sub woofer is small and the bass is not appropriate correct it distorts when u put it more than half of the bass level.but overall package is good as it looks great....

Sony NWZ-B172 is a small player which works really great in the price point it is available.....nice and decent sound


Pros: nice decent and balanced sound with battery back up upto 15 hours music playing

Cons: feels it lacks power on some of the headphones such as (hd 439, hd 239)

Sony NWZ-B172 is very good player for casual listening the sound i s good as i am using it with my pmx 60 and hd 203 it has a proper balance sound. i just love it for its size and decent sound,dont expect too much from its a normal player with 5 equalizer settings with customizable single equalizer with a bass boost option. good for the the beginners or casual listeners...

these 2.1 chanel speakers are realy powerfull to blow your mind


Pros: beautiful design with powerful subwoofer which can easily shake your room

Cons: some pros are its cons too the bass is realy over powered

alter lansing vs4121 is a really powerful setup you can easily throw a party on these speakers.its good for those who are bass lovers the bass is overpowered in it.u cant hear other instruments and voices clearly in these speakers.it has solid build quality.its design is good works fine from last 4 years.good for boomy bass but not for classical and pleasant listening....

these are one of the best one in terms of budget the quality the are giving


Pros: clear crystal sound with appropriate bass

Cons: weak wires... feels like it wont last u have to take extra care

altec lansing vs2621 2.1 channel offers you a great sound with an appropriate amount of bass. you have to properly set it by using proper equalizer after its done .its amazing i feel.its not loud as to throw a party with it but yes its good and enough to enjoy the music in a medium size room and the quality these speakers are offering is great for this price point.i love them and i got it luckily as its not available in indian market anymore....
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