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Reviews by: Neoland

Already a rarity, TOP Headphone.


Pros: Timbre, Frequency range, Isolation, Construction and Comfort.

Cons: Low impedance, Value.

This headphone delivers exacly what master engineers was planning on their tracks, giving you a good punch and balance between all frequencys range for any kind of genre. With a low impedance configuration all SNR can be easy noted from the system used, easy fixed with a good AMP/OP AMP avoiding max level outputs. And like a magik trick all punch's still there giving you a studio or a good tuned night club sound feeling even with this low impedance setup. Perfect for who wants to listen clear LF's, one masterpiece for all users and a rarity nowdays. If you want ultra punchs or just mid range ...., XB 1000 will disappoint you.. If your search goes to a clear punch and clarity,...
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Head-Fi.org › Neoland › Reviews by Neoland