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Great sound quality for budget phones, but poor build quality.


Pros: Sound stage, low price but good sound!

Cons: Build quality

Before I start, I'd like to let you know that this is my first review on head-fi and that I am not actually an audiophile, so this review is from a 'normal consumer' perspective. Thereby I am Dutch, so there could be some grammar flaws throughout this review, excuse me for that. ------------------------------   This was my first pair of 'better' headphones than the normal stock headphones delivered with my HTC One X.  When unpacked I was already enthusiastic about the number of tips that came with the 'phones. As a beginner I immediately put them on and started listening.. and I was blown away! The sound was so detailed and wide, it was like I was listening to...
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Head-Fi.org › DylanJohn › Reviews by DylanJohn