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Great amp!


Pros: Strong minimal efficient amp with long battery life.

Cons: No options to alter the sound (tone control, bass/highs control)

Have had this small amp for a year or two and I use regularly with good sound quality, ample amplification, and satisfying listening through it. Gary, who builds these amps by hand is always ready to answer any query, and that is very re-assuring. Have also other portable amps, such as the JDS Objective O2 (which is my top amp and my very favourite), the Fiio E11, and the Little Bear 2. However, even though the Objective O2 is my favourite for its clean sound, I never have any regrets when listening to the Electric Avenues PA2V2, as it has a very satisfying sound for its asking price, is strong and sturdy, and, at least in my opinion, quite good looking. Battery life seems to be...
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Head-Fi.org › Rosario › Reviews by Rosario