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great sounding headphones


Pros: Solid soundstage,robust bass,very detailed,silky signature.

Cons: Highs are rolled off,standard cable is a bit flimsy.

What more can you say about a pair of headphones that cost less than $200.Its truly a wonderful pair of headphones that can play all spectrum  of music and fits comfortably and non fatiguing.Soundstaging is the strong point for sure,deep,wide and high,voices and string artist is so spot on with the proper source and hell plugged right into iPod still sounds great.I own a pair of HD 600 also and some aspects the 598 are even better in the mids than the 600's.Overall if the highs wasn't a bit rolled and bright these headphones get a 5/5 considering the price.
Head-Fi.org › toronto8 › Reviews by toronto8