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Technics SL-7 Turntable


Pros: Compact, sealed, completely linear tracking - compact disc player type operation buttons

Cons: Internal connections for the RCA and ground leads, "P" mount cartridge is still not as readily available

The finest turntable I've ever owned - it's still my #1 turntable source.  I had a Benjamin-Miracord 50H Mk II with an Empire cartridge before this, but the sound quality from the Technics with the Shure V15 LT is better, hands down.  Detail is superb and as noted in the description, is better than every DAC I own (except the pupDAC).   The lid snaps shut with a clamp on the record - sort of a giant compact disc player, if you can imagine.  My only complaint - at least back in 1981 - was that the ground and RCA leads are soldered directly inside the turntable.  Now that I'm a somewhat experienced DIY-er, that's no longer an issue.  Regardless, I've...
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