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The HE1000 is the Michelangelo of the headphones and my music his Sistine.


Pros: Presence of all those qualities often antithetical that until now considered mutually exclusive in a headset (aka it is an absolute headphone) Comfort

Cons: Aesthetics, finishing and construction relative to price

HIFIMAN HE1000 – We are in the theater!   originally published on september 11 2015 at www.stereohead.it in Italian language and translated on the 20th http://www.stereo-head.it/2015/09/hifiman-he1000-we-are-in-the-theater-english-review/ Just a few months ago I had reached a temporary satisfaction with my set of headphones. With the trio HD800, HE6, LCD2.2 I could listen every music genre and any kind of registration. The mere announcement of this HE1000 immediately intrigued me, and now, at last, the HEK is on my head. I tried to let decrease the “new toy syndrome” ; unfortunately it's a very difficult to do in this case, and I must confess that I don't think I'am able to do it...
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Head-Fi.org › Alessandro1 › Reviews by Alessandro1