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Good to see, great to hear


Pros: Great sound experience; Comfortable and easy to use; Nice and solid finish; Everything seems to be just correct; 3 button usage mounted in the cable;

Cons: Maybe leather is not the best material if you are using this device on your bike, in the pouring rain.; The soft travelbag might not be the best prot

  I was given the chance to test the new Philips Fidelio L1 For "The Insiders". I had been looking for a new headphone set to replace my old In-ears. It needed to comply with a few demands: 1) I do not want to be disturbed by the chatter noise of my colleagues when I'm being all focussed at work and 2) I don't want toe disturb my colleagues with my music when I’m listening to noise they don’t like. 3) I also don’t want to have that fatigue feeling, which one sometimes can have after using those in-ears for a long period. And 4) the headphone set has to fit within my backpack, along with all my other stuff.   The L1 looks great, it really does and has...
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Head-Fi.org › abmannetje › Reviews by abmannetje